December, 2023
Haute Couture and Streetwear
Fashion, Advertising, Typography
November, 2022
Brands & Words .01
Branding, Typography, Lettering
November, 2021
Graphic Design, Product Design, Typography
September, 2021
Dolce & Gabbana - Follow Your Groove
Typography, Graphic Design, Art Direction
April, 2021
Famous Branding
Typography, Branding, Graphic Design
March, 2021
Logos & lettering vol.1
Graphic Design, Typography, Lettering
July, 2020
Liquid Effects .Part01
Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration
December, 2019
Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary
Branding, Illustration, Typography
August, 2019
Lettering collection vol.11
Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration
May, 2019
RealiType Vol.1
Art Direction, Typography, Branding
August, 2019
Lettering Collection vol.10
Graphic Design, Typography, Art Direction
April, 2019
Sea Shepherd Campaign
Advertising, Typography, Branding
March, 2019
Lettering collection vol.9
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Typography
November, 2018
Adobe Splashscreen
Graphic Design, Typography, Branding
September, 2018
Lettering vol.8
Graphic Design, Typography, Art Direction
August, 2018
Sécurité Routière X Solidays Festival
Graphic Design, Typography, Art Direction
May, 2018
Lettering collection vol.7
Art Direction, Typography, Illustration
November, 2017
Book cover lettering for Hachette
Branding, Typography, Art Direction
January, 2020
Typography, Illustration, Art Direction
February, 2018
Lettering collection vol.6
Typography, Graphic Design, Retouching
November, 2017
Netflix Narcos alternative title
Branding, Typography, Art Direction
December, 2017
Lettering collection vol.5
Branding, Typography, Graphic Design
November, 2022
Sextiae branding
Branding, Art Direction, Typography
October, 2017
Lettering collection vol.4
Graphic Design, Typography, Computer Animation
June, 2017
Lettering & Music 2
Typography, Graphic Design, Music
March, 2017
Lettering & Music
Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration
January, 2017
Supply the street X Posca
Illustration, Typography, Graphic Design
September, 2016
Festival Vibrations Urbaines
Graphic Design, Illustration, Street Art
August, 2015
Brouqueline font
Calligraphy, Graphic Design, Typography
January, 2016
Le vinyle
Illustration, Graphic Design, Typography
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