Hey there ! 

I lately had the chance to be commissionned to create some artworks for SAM ad campaign for Solidays festival by french agency Azilis.

Here in France, SAM is a character who's been created by the official Agency for Road Safety. He evolved from a cartoon character to somethign more intense and personal, a role we all can/have been involved in.

SAM is the designated person for a night, in the middle of your friends, and who drives you at party and never drink some alcohol. He or she accepts this safety role for the night and allows others to enjoy the party at the level they choose, with this kind of angel looking over your shoulder.

SAM's name is now a common entry for us (in France), we all often say "Ok, tonight I'm Sam".

So, I was pretty honored to work on this project, especially because it was presented at Solidays festival. The festival created to fight against AIDS, and help people remember it's still killing around 1.000.000 persons every year.

Here is the TV spot.

So, I've been asked to write/draw main quotes from the new TV spot + the hashtag specially created during the festival.

Then I worked on all the sentences I had to create*.

*The color scheme changed during the process.*

Agency : Azilis
Client : Agence de la Sécurité Routière / Solidays
Lettering creation : Ianis Soteras

Special thanks to all people involved in the project.

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