F O L L O W   Y O U R   G R O O V E

Few months ago I've been invited by Dolce & Gabbana to work on their campaign serving the launch of  
the new NS1 sneaker pair.
I was asked to work on a key visual and answer to what's my vision of following my groove in an interview.
Please, do not hesitate to see what others artists involved in this campaign have created ->

Thanks to Sofia, Marialaura & Anna for their work, help and trust.
Special Thanks to Brice for his time, support and ideas !


T H E  V I S U A L

As it was planned to be printed and used on various media, I wanted to create something energetic and colourful.
Went with a K60 Krink marker base. Then It's only photoshop work and Procreate for the white lines and details.

S t i c k  w i t h  a  v i e w

I got my visual printed in sticker for example and I used to stick all along Paris key places.
Where's that ? :)

B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S

Also had to take some photos with clothes I got offered for the campaign.
Understood that modeling is a real job and much more complicated than I thought 😅
Not ready for this.


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