This year, April fool has been hacked by Sea Shepherd
As you know, we - as humans - continue to pollute seas and oceans, and this pollution rhythm will lead our environment to count more plastic fragments (bags, bottles, clothes, tumblers, ...) than fishes and others marine species.      

That's why this year April's action coming from Sea Shepherd France was to reimplace the fish you usually stick in a back of friend by a used plastic bottle because we will soon have more plastic fragments than fishes in oceans.

I've been commissionned to create the logo for the campaign.
The need was to create something in an handmade style, energetic/impactful.

First, the video of the campaign.

Choosen One

Brush/Marker explorations



Special thanks to all partners involved :
Agency : Azilis
Press : Cartel
Video : When We Were Kids
Music  & Voices : Chut on vous écoute

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