R\B is for Re\Branding

In this project, I decide to work on concepts for brands I like.
It doesn't have to fit perfectly with aesthetic guidelines set up by those brands.
Idea is clearly to create & push proposals in my style.
Consider this more as a capsule collection.

I won't show the whole process as it's kind of Freemium here.
You only have access to part of my working process.

French Fashion Streetwear brand which focuses on clothing for AudioVisual profesionals.
You'll see here visuals taken from their collections and twisted and then visual explorations around the lettering concepts I created.

I worked with some of my influences & my background culture.
Can you guess all references spotted in images ?

Kind of Gothic Style
I've always loved Gothic typography. But I do love more to explore things once I master enough to create my own stuff.
Basically here after gathering many Gothic/baroque references I created a whole alphabet and used some of the letters to create this lettering and so this 1st capsule.

Color card & keywords are here to help you imagine the whole universe linked to this option. And so the others after that.

This option is based on a Krink K-60 calligraphy logo. Reminded me a bit of my childhood and what is now part of Pop Culture.
It's probably because of this rounded groovy effect provided by the squeezer I used.

Took this kind of rewind energy just as tagging your name in the street.

I do love Japanese Neon. It reminds me so much anime & movies I used to watch while I was teenager.
Due to Orelsan's passion for Japanese Pop culture too, I had to create an option this way.

I drew a lot of letters and signs in order to be at the limit of understanding <-> aesthetic.

This option is way more traditional in its creation and style. It's clearly more lettering oriented but with my POV.
I ni this exercize I tried to assemble and draw shapes and curves I do like, playing with fat downstrokes and lighter upstrokes.
The inspiration comes from the US rap influences that followed my life till now.

R I had in mind the

Oh I forgot one important thing.
This project has been created with AI as my backup.

Yes. You know what ? it's been a while I was thinking about AI debate as everyone in the industry I guess.
I was imagining the role of AI in my work. 
What sort of "collaboration", "help", "All-purpose-intern" this could take form of.

Surprisingly it was really easy to integrate it. Felt like working as supervisor with a teammate. Was fun !
- except this teammate never ever offered me an IRL coffee -.

Hope this project will help you considering the question and imagine how AI could help you in a positive way in case it's not already in your workspace.

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