Supply the street
typostration or illugraphy. (yeah, that's a mix of illustration & typography ;)

Kind of tribute for street art and markers we've used and used and used on walls, at school, ...
Decided to work a lil' bit out of the comfort zone, mixing illugraphy & photos.
Done with my brand new wacom cintiq (ohhhh god, that's ù`$^$ cool !).

Step 1 / Handlettering
Step 2 / Vectorizing
Step 3 / Retouchizing
I'd like to put more shots here but fact is, I didn't took time to make good screenshots :/
So, I made this lil' gif to quickly show how I organized it.  
Step 4 / Final
Was pretty cool to associate new things in my work as texture, or more colors.
Think I'm gonna try new things in this way.
You can follow me on instagram at to see how things are going.
Hope you like it ;)
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