Brouqueline standard is freely available on Typegang website, right here

Have fun & let me know what you think of it !

- What's that "Brouqueline" name ?
- Wuuut Dude ? That's how we pronounce "Brooklyn" in French. Phonetic name for the font. Truth.

- Okay... okay. And what do you want me to do with "Brouqueline" ?

- Don't know. What you want. Quotes on posters, lettering jobs, logos/badges, titles ...

- Hummm. Ok... Is there only one style for Brouqueline ?

- Nope. Bold vs. Light. Ready to rumble ?
- And what about figures, ampersand, ... ?

- Something like that ???  \/  \/  \/
- Yeah ! I Think I get it. What else can I do with Brouqueline ?

- Many things bro...
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